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About Us


Our equipment includes a 50watt laser system with a max target size of 24" X 12", woodworking machinery, finishing materials, fasteners, mounting hardware, adhesives, and of course imagination and experience. We have a full suite of graphic tools allowng us to create a design based on your ideas, or import and if necessary tweak your supplied artwork.


We can work with most material, with the exception of bare metal and glass.


Wood, Plastic, Leather, Anodized Aluminum, stone, ceramic, paper, etc.

How do we work?

Contact us with your idea.We'll walk you through the process of having trophies/awards, etc made usually with materials we will source, or if you have an item you want cut or engraved, just supply us with the art (or idea) and the item. We'll quote a time and price and move from there.

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